What is the best free tax preparation website?

Benefits of TaxSlayer Simply Free Benefits of H&R Block Free Online. Also, you can't take advantage of TaxSlayer's audit support services or use the website's live chat feature.

What is the best free tax preparation website?

Benefits of TaxSlayer Simply Free Benefits of H&R Block Free Online. Also, you can't take advantage of TaxSlayer's audit support services or use the website's live chat feature. And while TaxSlayer's non-professional customer service team offers phone support, TaxSlayer pushes higher-paying customers (those using Premium and Self-Employed editions) to the front of the line when they call. So if you call at a busy time, plan to make yourself comfortable.

See our full TaxSlayer review for a full analysis. IRS Free File allows you to prepare and file your federal income tax online using guided tax preparation, on an IRS-partner site or Free File interactive forms. Is a federal return safe, easy and at no cost to you. TaxSlayer Premium offers excellent customer service compared to its competitors.

Provides several ways to contact customer service for tax return assistance, including phone, chat, email, and professional tax assistance. And while TurboTax also scores very well in this category, we chose TaxSlayer because it offers free professional tax assistance. TaxSlayer Premium is best for users who value excellent customer service and want to pay a low price for a product with excellent support. Taxpayers who pay for the TaxSlayer Premium option have access to a priority phone line.

TaxSlayer also provides chat and phone tax assistance, as well as more standard options such as live chat and email support. We selected TaxSlayer Self-Employed (SE) as the best option for freelance filers, because it offers strong customer service (including a priority phone line) and an easy and intuitive platform to use, even for more complicated returns. You can select a guided interview, which will guide you through a step-by-step process to help you apply quickly and accurately. In my experience using CPAs, enrolled agents, and these additional services to file my taxes, the ones I hired directly were more thorough and worked more diligently to minimize my tax burden.

While it includes advance tax forms for self-employment, rental property, sale of shares, small business income, and child care credit, it does not allow income from overseas work, health coverage tax credit, or income from an estate or trust (Form K-. If your tax needs take you beyond what TurboTax Deluxe can handle, you should seriously consider hiring a tax professional or getting live help from an IRS-certified volunteer (if you qualify) instead of switching to TurboTax Premier or Self-Employed. Cash App taxes are better if you have a simple tax return (such as a Form W-2 and a couple of common deductions, such as student loan interest) and are looking for online tax software that is completely free and never charges you for any form or situation. We consider the features and functionality of tax preparation software, user experience, software interface, website performance, quality of help and support, and price-based value.

Numerous tax preparation services and professional tax preparers are ready to help during this tax season. You may want to opt for IRS Free File instead of the free filing advertised by an online tax provider because it can support more tax forms for free. However, the service is only offered to those with the simplest tax returns, such as W-2 income filers. In recent years, tax laws have undergone major revisions that could drastically affect the returns of people with complicated tax situations.

Regardless of whether you file yourself using an online tax software or a tax professional, you still have to do most of the legwork to get organized. Online tax preparation software partners are part of the Free File Alliance, which coordinates with the IRS to provide you with free electronic federal tax preparation and filing. Cash App Taxes is unique in the tax software landscape, offering a completely free tax return, no matter how complicated your return is. Includes free W-2 income, limited interest and dividend income and earned income tax credit, recovery refund credit, child tax credit and student loan interest deduction.

TurboTax skillfully guides you through the process of completing your tax return, never asking you for information you have already provided or that does not apply to your tax situation. Ensuring that online tax software meets the special needs of freelancers and self-employed workers is essential at tax reporting time. . .

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