Can Tax Preparers Call the IRS?

Learn how to call the IRS as a tax professional and get expert advice on how to choose your preparer wisely and protect your tax information.

Can Tax Preparers Call the IRS?

The IRS offers the PPS account service to tax professionals who provide tax advice, prepare income taxes, or act on behalf of an individual taxpayer and are calling about an account-related issue. Subscribing to e-News for Tax Professionals can provide weekly information for tax professionals. Any tax professional with an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is authorized to prepare federal tax returns, though they may have different levels of skills, education, and experience. When calling the IRS, it is important to listen to all the menu options before selecting one.

Economic Impact Payments can be checked for status. Most paid tax return preparers are professional, honest, and reliable; however, the IRS is committed to investigating those who act inappropriately. It is not necessary for the taxpayer to make the call themselves; they can outsource this task to a tax professional with a simple form. Tips for Hiring a Tax Preparer can help taxpayers choose their preparer wisely and protect their tax information.

If a taxpayer has received a notice or letter from the IRS, they should report any misconduct related to their individual tax return accordingly. Most tax preparers are honest and compliant with tax law; however, researching the preparer before hiring them can help avoid becoming a victim of a tax preparer scam. Tax professionals are authorized to represent clients whose returns they prepared and signed before revenue agents, customer service representatives, and similar IRS employees, including the Taxpayer Defense Service. Taxpayers who use the services of a paid tax preparer or facilitator are entitled to protection from unfair treatment.

Tax return preparers who have PTIN but are not listed in the directory can provide quality return preparation services; however, taxpayers should choose any return preparer wisely. Taxpayers who file their returns electronically with a tax preparer or online software should not be referred to the electronic help desk.

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